The Worst Web Hosting Mistakes

One web host looks the same as any other, right? They all show similar plans, look pretty similar and are similar in price. Here is a random example. If you have ever looked for a web host you know most hosting sales pages and plan details look a lot like this one. So, if all [...]

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Make Your Hosting Stronger with the Power of Add-On

With the help of proper cloud host services related with websites, you can basically deal with virtual servers, which will help them to pull the eminent computing resources from different extensive underlying networking areas. All these are associated with physical web servicing areas. It mostly followed the utility models, associated with computing areas, which mainly [...]

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Webydo – A WYSIWYG for Web Design Professionals

Designing a website is fun. You play with the graphics, images and content. What isn’t fun though is the coding. It requires a lot of technical skills and you have to continuously troubleshoot problems such as browser inconsistencies, HTML and CSS errors to name only a few. No wonder 70% of the cost involved in [...]

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Logo Designing for a Business

Designing a logo for a business can be a tricky situation; it doesn’t have be an uphill struggle if you follow these simple rules. There are plenty of practical solutions for making a logo design painless, check out some of the tips on Web Eden’s (website builder for small businesses) blog for more helpful advice. [...]

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Collaboration Made Easy with WordPress

Two is better than one! The more the merrier! Together we can and we will! There must have been some element of truth in each of those and many more such sayings. It is a fact universally acknowledged that there is strength in numbers. And as an enterprise or an entrepreneur looking out for ways [...]

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Stream Video Player

Best Roundup of Flash WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog. Many websites like YouTube and Facebook require the Adobe Flash plugin to display videos and games. The Adobe Flash Player plugin lets you view video and animated content in Firefox. In this showcase below, you’ll find some of the best flash WordPress plugins for [...]

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Earth Colossus by ZsoltKosa

Mind Blowing Collection of Earth Colossal Concept Illustrations Artwork

Earth colossal is a monsters creatures. It is a game Rift creatures. In this game, players and monsters are set in a fantasy world called Telara where different elemental planes represents earth, air, fire, water, life, and death. Here are awesome and cool earth colossal illustrations artwork examples you may include in your collection of inspiration. [...]

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City Hall

25 Markable City Photography Examples

Shooting photographs in a big city provides some interesting and challenging opportunities. A city is a relatively large and permanent settlement. Cities are both places of historical significance and the engines of the world’s economy. Below you will see a collection of 25 beautiful examples of city photography by professional photographers. We hope that you will [...]

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Rib Tear Away Tattoo with Dog Tags

30 Eye Catching Examples of Rib Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are also an integral part of the fashion accessories and display culture the trend is visible here too. Tattooing on ribcage in itself is an artistic location for inking versatile designs. Rib tattoos for girls are available in multiple colorful and bright hues but the flowers are a hot favorite among the fairer sex. [...]

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