Best Ways To Refresh Your Website

It’s a new year and as you might expect, it’s not only the season for festivities, but also for resolutions. This time to reflect and reorganize doesn’t only give us a full year of upcoming challenges, but also a year full of opportunities. In the same way that we try to refresh ourselves every new year, so too, should we refresh our websites.

Failing to refresh your website could potentially threaten your conversion rate as well as your website’s reputation. Information changes, trends come and go, and outdated web content will also be deemed irrelevant by Google. So, yes, your website needs a refresh annually, and these are the best ways to do it.

New/Updated Content

Because information and SEO metrics are regularly changing, it’s important to update your content as needed. And while this is a tedious task, it is also one that is very necessary. At the beginning of each year, you should look through the content on your website and replace irrelevant information with correct information as well as add any new, relevant content.

Double Check Your Links

Sometimes, links can be broken, especially if you’re changing things around on your website. And even when you haven’t made any changes, you still need to check links as there are many reasons why a link might no longer function. This is an important thing to track when you’re getting links from blogs for more traffic.

Re-examine Your Keyword Strategy

As previously mentioned, SEO is constantly changing. So, the strategies that were effective a few years ago will surely be outdated this year. Re-examining your keyword strategy means coming up with a new list of primary, secondary, and long-tail keywords to suit the new year’s demands. Your research here will determine what keyword strategies to maintain and which to change.

Reassess Your Site Flow

Another thing that’s easily overlooked is site flow. Nobody wants to navigate a maze on the internet. A poor-flowing website could undo your hard work. Even if you have great content, visitors may not have the patience to deal with a convoluted website. So, before you go live, consider going through your website in the same way that a visitor would. Make sure that everything is easy to find. Ideally, your website should be easy to navigate through, even by someone who isn’t as savvy with technology.

New year, new look. This, too, is true for websites because they represent what your business is all about. Your website is where your prospective customers find information about you and this is also what’s going to help them gauge whether your business is trustworthy or not.

While there are plenty more things that you can do to refresh your website, a good way of determining whether something needs to be changed or not is through the perspective of your target market. If you find anything that takes away from the user experience while you’re browsing your website, you might want to consider changing it.