6 Essential Software Tools To Empower Your HR Processes

Running business operations involved multiple processes and departments. Each of the departments needs to manage their share of work. But when it comes to juggling multiple duties and managing loads of information, the human resource department has to do it all. From recruitment to onboarding, training, payroll, performance evaluation and more, there is a lot that falls into the lap of HR managers and executives. Fortunately, technology makes these tasks easier and enables the team to engage the company’s employees and deliver to the expectations of the management.

Here are the tech tools that you should consider for empowering your HR team to create a happier, better-organized and well-engaged workforce.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

A holistic application, HRMS enables the human resource department to organize, manage and track information related to the employees easily and effectively. Whether you have a few dozen people on board or have a team of hundreds and thousands of workers, this system can ramp up the process of information management. Basically, it is meant to store and organize key data, such as employee profiles, attendance records, schedules and more. It serves as a central platform and has integrations that allow managers to access other aspects of HR including benefits management, payroll services, and performance evaluation.

Recruitment software

As the name suggests, recruitment software streamlines the entire hiring process for an organization. From posting job ads to sorting and accepting applications, managing candidates and more, it can automate the entire steps for your company. Since these repetitive tasks are looked after by the tech tool, the team has a lot of free time left to work on more crucial aspects. It can save the human resource personnel from the hassles of tracking everything manually. The software solution is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to hire frequently and want to extend their teams with the best available talent in the market.

Onboarding software

Employee onboarding refers to the process of getting newly-hired employees to know all about the company’s values, systems, culture, and processes. In the current times, every organization has become aware of the strategic benefits of employee onboarding and made it a part of the core HR operations. You can now automate the process with a smart employee onboarding software solution. It is capable of handling the complex paperwork involved in getting a new recruit on the team, creating their schedules, managing emails related to welcome and team introduction and providing information about the company processes and systems. With the tool looking after these aspects while HR managers can focus on the human aspects of onboarding.

Payroll management tool

Payroll processing and management is an arduous task, particularly for large organizations with huge workforces. It can actually take several days of hard work to calculate monthly remuneration of the entire workforce. A payroll management tool can considerably simplify the process by automatically calculating and tracking paychecks, while considering details such as deductions, paid time off, etc. There are advanced solutions that are even capable of filing and paying up the payroll taxes and reporting new hires to the IRS as well.

Performance management solutions

Performance management is another key process that can be left to a reliable software tool. Performance evaluation and tracking go much beyond holding an annual meeting between the employee and supervisor. Rather, HR managers track and revisit the objectives and goals discussed in that meeting throughout the year. Implementing software solutions enables them to get the most out of performance reviews and better formulate time-bound goals for individual employees. Managers can even use the tool to save notes and feedback and track individual performance of team members as and when they want to.

Employee engagement tools

Right now, employee engagement is a top priority for businesses because an engaged workforce is more productive. Further, engagement fosters employee loyalty and increases retention. Fortunately, there are several modern tech tools that can help you increase the levels of employee engagement, and monitor your organization’s culture to get actionable insights into what the employees really want. There are apps that encourage collaboration between teams for better performance, efficiency and productivity. Further, you can rely on tools to get anonymous feedback for improving processes and work culture at all levels. Obviously, people feel valued when you go the extra mile to engage with them and seek their opinions and this will reflect in their attitude.

Choosing the right set of HR tech tools is important and the best way to do it is by comparing their benefits and costs. Moreover, it is advisable to go slow with the technology transition and invest in more solutions once you are comfortable with the basics.