Active Campaign and Drip: The Difference and All You Need to Know

Active campaign and drip are marketing automation tools that developed to be used by marketers. Although there are various platforms on the Internet that marketers can use, Active campaign and Drip stands out of the rest being the best with the modern marketing tools for businesses. But, which one of them is the best marketing tool? People have a different perspective for the marketing automation tools; hence everybody has different answers.

For clarification, the article below describes the difference and features between both of them and all the details you need to know before using the marketing tool.

Active Campaign

It is an intelligence-driven marketing tool designed in the year 2003. The platform is designed to serve clients according to their demands and needs. More so, they are designed for relationship marketers as they allow one to one time email to specific segments. The platform has automated workflows to create complex work-flows, auto-responder for welcome campaigns, date-based, and scheduled. For complete description and functionality of the marketing tool, find out more as its features work more than primarily described. One of their outstanding features is their tagging system combined with the visitor tracking system; it makes it easier for the marketer to tag and interact with the clients and visitors on your website.

The benefit of using an active campaign is its automation. It is made possible through its automated workflows as they are very logical although slow while using. It allows automating tagging of the subscribers based on a wide range of actions. Although the starting price is not free, it is one of the cheapest marketing tools if money is a factor of consideration on your side and also worth for beginners and intermediate marketers.


It is also a powerful software marketing tool designed in the year 2013 and suitable for E-commerce. The platform focuses on ease of use and speed which is what most website owners seek. Most website owners earn from e-commerce through plugging revenue leaks for instance from cart abandonment. The platform offers trigger links which are useful for following for clients who abandoned their carts. Trigger links allow you to send emails depending on how far the clients’ demand is or the learner’s progress along the path. Other features include a tracking system that is profitable to the marketer and their events tagging for sending emails to repeat clients.

The advantage of using drip is that it can pack a huge number of complex capabilities to a simple tool set. More so, it is favorable for with relationship-minded marketers as they may have more experience working with such platforms; thus, it makes more sense to them although the platform does not use list. Drip is one of the expensive email marketing tools with a free starting price but suitable for marketers who money is not a factor of consideration.

Difference between Active campaign and Drip

The difference between both of them is that Active campaign is best for relationship marketers whereas Drip is suitable for e-commerce platforms. For complete difference description, click here to know the features and functions above. There are more to expect from each tool.

Marketing tools are essential for business but finding the best software marketing tool depends on your preference. But, from the descriptions above both software are necessary for your business it depends on your experience level.