Undecided Yet? Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Reddit Account

Reddit or the “Front page of the internet” is a social networking website, and it’s one of the most popular ones. With over a billion page views every month, Alexa ranks Reddit as one of the most visited websites in the world. In the US, Reddit is the 3rd most popular website right behind Google and YouTube. Reddit users spend the highest time (15 minutes) on the website compared to Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Reddit was launched in 2005 by 2 college buddies; Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman. The main dynamic that Reddit ran on was a ranking system, where posts with short description were posted and ranked by users of the site. This ranking was directly related to visibility on the site, where the front page had a descending order based on the popularity or votes of posts. The founders created fake accounts and posted content as a way to increase content in the website and therefore traffic. $100,000 was the investment of ‘Y Combinator’ that launched and financed the Reddit project. For weeks, Steve and Alexis continued to post content with their fake accounts and even downvoting each other for fun, so the users of the website won’t see a static page. This kept going on until one day they noticed actual content posted by neither of them.

One year later, after launch, Reddit was getting noticeable traffic with over 500,000 impressions. Reddit was purchased in 2006 by Conde Nast for 20 million USD. In 2008, Reddit steered into becoming an open source software, which means that anyone can use the source code to build a similar website, for free. Reddit had to keep on expanding, but needed a source of revenue. In 2009, they started selling advertisements on the website, and this was a smart move since the website became a popular social network and had gained a lot of traction and impressions. One year later, Reddit launched their “Reddit Gold”, which was a monthly or yearly subscription that gave your premium and extra features as a user, in addition to access to “a secret community which may or may not exist”.

Reddit uses an ad system that isn’t much different than the ad system on other social media. The main difference is that each subreddit has its own set of rules independent of other subreddits. To advertise for something on a subreddit you need to craft it as it would be compliant with the specific rule of that subreddit, the more normal-looking and rule-compliant your post is, the more likely the users would deem it fit for discussion. A lot of subreddits encourage advertising and even directly submitting products on it. The vast majority of Reddit users don’t like being fed advertisements that are irrelevant, an advertisement that can spark conversation and multiple feedbacks is the only advertisement that will work. The Reddit community has been described as offbeat and anti-establishment, trying to win them over using traditional advertising methods would only seem like undermining the flow of Reddit. Your account on Reddit has two different types of karma: Link and comment. Obtained by posting links and commenting. Karma is a way for Reddit users to simply appreciate or show dissatisfaction for a post or a comment, while it may not have a direct effect on what you post, it’s taken into consideration when you do. We’ll be giving you our own 5 reasons on why buying a Reddit account is more important than you think.

1. Creation of Subreddits

When you have an account with a lot of karma that has been around for a few years, you are deemed to be more trustworthy than an account that was recently created. When you create a subreddit your account has to have some karma in addition to being one month old. People would want to know if the admin or moderator of the subreddit is someone trustworthy or not, and the easiest way to do that is by checking your account history and karma. You can search for similar subreddits and try contacting the moderators to ask them if they’d want to link your subreddit in the sidebar or not. As long as your subreddit is relevant and your account is in good standing in terms of karma, many moderators would accept it since it has a positive effect on both subreddits. When you submit a link to your subreddit on other subreddits to get subscribers, it’s easier to attract users with an old account rather than a new one. New accounts give the impression that your post is more likely spam or done by a bot. You can start scanning posts that mention an activity or a topic related to your subreddit and post the link to your subreddit in a comment. You also need to stay active and continuously post, which can seem like a chore, instead, you can invite your early subscribers to be moderators. People would be more inclined to become moderators on your subreddit if you have good karma. once moderators start turning the wheel, expect the subreddit to be self-sustained after reaching a good number of subscribers.

Subreddits are great places for marketing and advertising if you use them right. It’s only natural that Reddit users are wary of spammers and bots since Reddit is mainly about original content than anything else. As long as your account looks safe and you post intelligently, it will be easier to reach your goal. Having an account in good standing is the first step to gain recognition on Reddit without having to go through the frustration of being a spammer while you’re not.

2. Taking Advantage of Karma

Some users may dismiss karma since it holds no monetary or physical value. But it’s a mistake to downplay karma as some imaginary points with no actual benefits. Karma is the best, if not the only, metric on Reddit that can determine if a user is positively contributing to the community or not. This doesn’t mean that karma defines good content or not, but it may define how users can view it. Users will know that other users liked your content, this makes them know that the probability that your content is original is high, and will view it in a neutral light without prejudice. Some subreddits require having high karma to post in it, /r/videos for one. Using karma as a spam filter is understandable, if the subreddit has high traffic, then it’s bound to attract spammers of all kinds after all. Some subreddits even require very high karma just to join and be able to participate; /r/triplecenturyclub requires 300,000 karma points to join.

Karma is considered a gamification element in Reddit. There is nothing that can be redeemed with karma no matter how high it is, but since karma is displayed and readily available for anyone to see, users tend to feel better or proud when they accumulate a high amount. There are a lot of guides on Reddit to ‘farm’ or obtain karma easily, which only proves that karma is a valuable metric to the Reddit community. Reddit has a system in place that makes you wait 10 minutes between each post. If you post a lot of content this is going to put a bottleneck on the frequency and convenience of sharing content. The only way to get around this 10-minute rule is by having high karma, which completely removes the limit.

3. Old Accounts and Marketing

A marketing post is highly scrutinized on Reddit since it’s filled with spam and people posting random links. An old account has some credibility that can allow it to spark discussions and engagement when it posts brand-related or advertises in general. Just like karma, the age of the account is a factor that is taken into consideration when people view your posts. If the account is old enough, an advertising post doesn’t necessarily mean that your account is solely made to dish out advertisements, which isn’t exactly the case with new accounts. New accounts are given no attention when they advertise anything since the account hasn’t been on Reddit for a while it won’t get any credibility and will be labeled as spam and could even be removed. As mentioned before, advertising on Reddit isn’t viewed in the same light as advertising on other social media platforms. Privacy is one of the most revered concepts on Reddit, mindless advertising is easily neglected by the users. Recommendations are usually the most practical ways of marketing something on Reddit, as long as you are targeting the correct users, being genuine is going to go a long way with you. You can buy Reddit accounts, especially aged accounts with a lot of karma, to make sure your message is heard. Some subreddits don’t even allow posting of accounts under a certain age, the age requirement could reach a year in some subreddits.

4. Reaching the Front Page

Reaching the front page is a tricky one even if your account is established, old, and has a lot of karma. It’s still a boost to have those in your pocket, but it’s not everything. There is a common technique used to reach the front page of Reddit. The concept is simple, it’s repetition. You can post something and get downvoted until it’s at the bottom of the list. You can then delete this post and repost it at a different time, this increases your chances of getting early upvotes that can push your post forward. Those upvotes are very important in terms of making your post relevant to a higher amount of people. Having high karma makes this process relatively easier since you don’t have to abide by the 10-minute rule. Doing this often can make your post history look good, with a lot of successful posts which means you are able to reach a lot of users with your posts. If your content reaches the top page, you can also comment on your own post and advertise with relative ease, people would be more willing to check out what you have to offer since you’re already on the front page.

5. Accounts/Subreddits aren’t Really Expensive

Reddit accounts are relatively cheap, you can buy 2-year accounts with over 50,000 karma for less than $500. Some users can also sell an account with an administrator status on a subreddit, basically, you’re able to buy the right to moderate a subreddit with thousands of subscribers. Managing or administrating subreddits is a very logical step marketing-wise, you will have your own audience, and you can manage the rules as to make the subreddit more marketing-friendly. There is even a variety in usernames, some people prefer to buy accounts with high karma and also a tech-related username.

A great addition to having a good account is subscribing to Reddit Premium, which is a unique membership that adds a few useful features to an account. It provides access to a specific subreddit, /r/lounge. It also provides extra comment filters that can be helpful in finding the relevant comments for marketing purposes, in addition to instating a nice badge that shows you’re a Reddit Premium member. Being a Reddit Premium member can be pretty useful in marketing and advertising when combined with old accounts and high karma.

If you’re only interested to gain access to subreddits requiring high karma and for the account to be old, you don’t have to fish around Reddit trying to farm karma for months. Buying an account is the shortest path to gaining access to these subreddits. Marketing on Reddit may require spending a bit more effort than simply buying an account and posting random ads. The budget of marketing shouldn’t be high compared to average marketing budgets, yet it may require careful planning when it comes to when you should post and where. You need to understand and appreciate what the community has to offer so you’d be able to show them what you have to offer too, in addition to provoking discussions and engagements around it.