Social Dynamics for the Digital Marketing Person: Why Should You Care About Followers?

We all have social media accounts. There are many reasons to sign up for a social media account, whether it’s to crowdsource your fleeting self-esteem, affirm your social status, advertise and run your business, or to simply communicate with a loved one and to reconnect with long-lost friends.

But, there is a multitude of people who have seen the true potential of social media platforms as an incredibly potent marketing tool. This potential has gained such recognition to the point that social media experts are considered true professionals and it is now an actual job.

So, why exactly should you care about followers? Well, if you want to speak in digital marketing terms: 

They Drive Traffic

Instagram followers are bound to share your business with people that they feel are going to like what you sell. Through the “share” functions, people are going to be able to find your profile much more easily. To put things into perspective, if each follower knows at least 100 people, and you have 50 followers, that’s a potential 5,000 additional followers if they all decide to follow your page.

They Boost SEO 

The increase in social media traffic can also be directed towards your business website by including a link to your website in your social media posts. This increase in traffic is bound to help improve the search engine ranking of your website so that even those who have not come across your social media page are also able to stumble upon your business website. Because of this, the benefit works both ways in that your business website can also help increase the traffic to your social media pages.

They Boost Sales

With the increase in traffic also comes the increase in prospective buyers. This is the meat and potatoes of digital marketing, after all – the ability to introduce your business to a large audience and to also provide an effective customer service platform. This grants any business the chance to grow an active and loyal audience.

They Are A Quantitative Measurement of Your Online Presence 

The number of followers is an indication of your online presence and credibility. There’s a real potential in this, otherwise not many businesses would even opt to buy Instagram followers. It’s basic social dynamics in the sense that people are more likely to jump on bandwagons these days. When they see that a certain account or business has a huge following, it gives the impression that the business is more trustworthy and more reliable than a business that doesn’t have many followers. After all, would you entrust your hard-earned money to a shady business?

Especially in today’s setting where we’re able to find more ways to do things better, in a similar fashion we are also able to find new ways to exploit other people. The core premise here is that a huge following is an indirect indication of being accepted by the majority of society.