Shaping The Future of E-Commerce Thru Digital Marketing

When the internet first became mainstream, shopping on websites such as eBay and Amazon (for books) was exciting and changed the way we viewed the retail industry as a whole. Today, thousands of eCommerce storefronts and virtual retailers are available within seconds with just a few clicks, generating an entirely new meaning to convenience. As new technologies unfold and shopping from just about anywhere becomes prevalent around the world, staying on top of the latest trends in the eCommerce world is essential to avoid missing out on potential opportunities to generate new leads and sales.

Shaping the future of eCommerce through the use of digital marketing is more commonplace than ever and is truly shifting the way we think about shopping in our modern day world.

Prepare for New Online Shoppers

As eCommerce continuously evolves, prepare for a new wave of shoppers transitioning from traditional shopping to virtual checkouts. While brick-and-mortar shops still generate the most retail revenue, eCommerce shopping is quickly expanding with each year that passes. Staying up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing is essential to maximize your online reach and appeal, especially when you want to attract new customers who are transitioning to online checkouts for the first time.

Use a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Website Layout

One of the most important elements of digital marketing to keep in mind when launching an eCommerce store is the layout you choose for your storefront. Responsive and mobile-friendly layouts are essential for eCommerce stores as mobile browsing continues to skyrocket, replacing traditional browsing on laptop and desktop computers. Always ensure you implement a responsive and mobile-friendly layout for your eCommerce site to prevent alienating an entire audience of users who are browsing with their smartphones or tablet devices.

Optimize Your eCommerce Storefront for Search Engines

SEO, or search engine optimization, is still one of the most important elements of building a successful online presence, especially when you are launching an eCommerce storefront of your own. Optimizing your eCommerce storefront for search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and Bing, can drastically increase your website’s traffic and the overall visibility of your site. By crafting unique, engaging, and informative content while targeting optimal keywords and phrases, boost your website’s SEO while solidifying your brand’s place in any market, regardless of surrounding competition. Working together with Bear Fox Marketing, an SEO company in Boise is one way to boost your website’s SEO while ensuring your site is properly formatted to maximize your exposure within the first pages of search engine results.

Offer Free Shipping

As eCommerce storefronts become more commonplace, it is important to provide special features and amenities to captivate your audience while keeping them from seeking similar products elsewhere. Consider offering free shipping upfront while promoting the deal upfront and throughout your entire website. Offering free shipping to all shoppers is a great way to attract and retain visitors, especially if you have recently launched your eCommerce store and you are currently building a new brand from the ground up. Free shipping promotions incentivize shoppers to choose your store over competitors, even if they are unfamiliar with your business and never purchased from you in the past.

Inform Customers of Features Upfront

Use graphics, animations, and bold headers to promote features and amenities you offer to all shoppers, registered customers, and even newsletter subscribers upfront on your website. Create a page to explain various perks and rewards you offer such as exclusive discounts, savings based on previous orders, and even free products with large enough purchases. Informing shoppers of the perks they receive upfront is a great way to motivate users to register as a customer of your eCommerce store using their email address. It also incentivizes users to subscribe to your official newsletter, especially if you offer discounts and exclusive promotions to subscribers.

Implement Creative Ad Campaigns on Your eCommerce Storefront

During the early days of the internet, advertising was simplistic and streamlined. Today, millions of users experience ad blindness due to overexposure of advertisements since the dawn of the internet. As the eCommerce industry grows and evolves, crafting unique and creative ad campaigns will become even more important. Whether you are creating an ad campaign for your own eCommerce storefront or if you are promoting alternative businesses and brands on your website, consider native advertising methods to keep users interested in the products and services you are promoting. Native advertising requires an authentic connection with the platform you are advertising on or hosting advertisements on. By blending an ad campaign with a sponsor or the right online community, users are more likely to engage in the ad itself.

The Importance of Cross-Platform Promotion

As eCommerce, social media, and browsing the internet shifts with each year, it is essential to stay informed of the latest platforms used to connect and communicate with others throughout the world. Cross-platform promotion is a key component to building a successful online brand, whether you sell third-party products or create unique items on your own to sell in your eCommerce store.

Not only is it important to have a well-crafted eCommerce storefront, but it is equally as important to develop and streamline social media pages on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Building a social media following for your eCommerce store is necessary to learn more about your target audience while gaining a better idea of the language and methods of communication that work best to generate leads and sales. Learning about third-party advertising systems such as Google AdWords and Google AdSense can also help with building successful marketing campaigns and strategies for your eCommerce store.

Whether you are the owner of an existing online business or if you are planning to launch an eCommerce store of your own, understanding the most effective methods to market digitally is a must. With the right digital marketing strategy and an understanding of the audience you want to reach with your eCommerce store, maximize your online reach and the potential you have to generate sales while garnering new followers and fans online.