How To Make Your Mark Through Your Blog?

Whether you are a longtime blogger, or just starting out, you want to make your mark through your blog. What makes a successful blog that sparks engagement from readers? Some careful research and long-term planning can help you create a rewarding blueprint.

Here are five tips to successfully engage your audience with your blog. Knowing who the audience is, proving readers with a good user experience, being consistent, writing posts that will rank well with search engine optimization (SEO) and sharing beautiful photography will all help you make your mark through your blog.

Pinpoint your audience

Who is your audience? Is your site going to appeal mainly to men or women, Millennials or baby boomers, entrepreneurs or side hustlers? Pinpointing your target audience allows you to envision your reader as you create each post. This knowledge allows you to plan your content according to the interests and events around your target audience.

Focus on user experience

You care about what you write about, and who your audience is, but this is not enough. You need to make sure that your site offers the best user experience possible. Conduct an analysis on your site and determine whether your website is responsive, so that your mobile users can easily read your content. Nearly 50 percent of all readers use their mobile devices to search and read content. Have you upgraded from Http to Https? Also check to see if your site’s speed is fast when your reader clicks an internal link.

If not, it is time to improve everything. This could include compressing photos, eliminating redirects, and even looking for the best web hosts, as you may have outgrown your current web host.

Be consistent

Do not publish blog posts haphazardly, always be on a set schedule. This establishes your site as a quality site, and you as a professional. Your readers will lose interest if they don’t know when you will publish a post. If you set and adhere to a regular schedule, they know when to go on your site and find your fabulous content.

If you are inconsistent, viewers will lose interest, and patronize other sites instead. Consistency also helps your site rank higher with Google. Google’s algorithm rewards sites that consistently publish quality material, on a consistent basis.

If you plan on going on vacation, or if there is another reason you cannot blog, either have some backup blog posts ready to publish, or consider inviting another blogger to guest blog.


Blogs that are 2,000 words long are rewarded most by the Google algorithm. While some bloggers may write twice that, 2,000 words is the target length that you should achieve. If you should have much more content, consider dividing your content into multiple posts.


Good photography, video and infographics all enhance your blog posts. You can go to sites where photographers allow bloggers to use their professional grade photos for free, or you may decide to improve your own photography skills. No matter what your choice, the photos you choose to use with your carefully crafted blog content will help identify your brand and help you make your mark in the blogosphere.

Video is becoming essential for all bloggers. Whether demonstrating a skill, or showing scenes from a travel adventure, video can help promote your blog. Infographics are another tool to promote your message. What is great about a carefully crafted infographic is that they can be shared on social media and many new readers may learn about your blog through that infographic.

Making your mark through your blog can be achieved after careful planning and execution. Yet, always check to see which posts rank best with your audience and tweak your original content plan. This will lead to a blog that ranks well with Google and resonates with your growing audience.