5 Tips on How to Increase Your YouTube Views

Whether you are an independent filmmaker, or an aspiring YouTuber, there’s no doubt about one thing. You need to rack as much views as possible. Views lead to subscriptions, opportunities, and they get people talking. If there’s one thing that we have learned, it is that when people talk, great things happen; the more they talk, the more it would be possible for anyone who is something in the business to contact you. Also, if you didn’t yet know, YouTube pays a rate of about $1 for each 1000 views which all the more incentive to start looking for ways to get more views.

Don’t worry though, you won’t look for long; we have your quick guide right here.

1. Friends and Family

Don’t hesitate to talk to your friends, get them to watch your videos and talk about them to their friends. It helps generate a buzz, as well as, helps get you a guaranteed number of views which can help you rank higher on search lists. Most of us would just show their original video files to their friends; however, it is better if you send them a link to the video on YouTube to get your numbers up.

2. Social Media Connections

YouTube has a feature that allows you to connect to your other social media accounts. This means that you could easily share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and so much more! It would make it easier for you to post a short message with your video; and, if it captures the attention of anyone, they would be able to share it easily with their friends.

3. Use a Lifeline

Social Media Daily, among other websites, offers the chance for you to buy views, follower, and likes. You could easily build up your various social media profiles, then share your YouTube content; it is a smart and easy way to get more views fast.

4. Optimize your Metadata for Search Engines

People often just pick a random name for their videos; but, what you don’t understand is that search engines operate in a very specific way. To rank higher on search lists, you need to make your video’s title as relevant as possible to your topic. Moreover, it would be better if you phrase your title in the same way people would enter it in their search engines.

5. Make Quality Content

For this one, we go back to the basics; it is simple, and straight to the point. If you make good content, you will get more views. If your video is of a good quality, and if the content is appealing enough, more people would want to see it.

Final Thoughts

The process for getting more YouTube views is not a quick flight. It is a slow and steady climbing process. The point is, if you are not willing to work, wait, and persevere, then most probably the YouTube game isn’t for you. However, with a decent amount of effort, you will be guaranteed to reap the rewards. YouTube is tough; but, fair. Happy YouTubing!