5 Steps to Hire the Best SEO Reseller

The world of digital marketing and SEO is ever-evolving. Your only chance for survival is adapting to the changes.

As your clientele expands, you’ll need the best help you can get. This is where a reputable SEO reseller comes into play. The entity plays a vital role in improving your marketing efforts; everything runs smoothly without the need to add to in-house employees.

Here are the steps for hiring an SEO reseller to partner with.

  • Determine Your Needs

Start by identifying the primary reasons why you need the services of an SEO reseller. For instance, do you want someone to help with PPC? Maybe you want someone to help with link building or website design.

In most cases, SEO resellers tailor their packages to meet your needs. Be sure to share these details on your first meeting with them.

  • Know-How to Improve Value

An SEO reseller helps improve the value of what you’re offering to your customers. It strengthens your reputation by building the client’s trust in your agency.

So, does the reseller have the capacity to improve value? There are many ways to determine this. For instance, what are their past customers saying about the quality of service? Alternatively, you can ask them questions relevant to the services you need. For example, how do they do their keyword research? Or do they offer additional services like link building or graphic design?

Asking these questions gives you an idea of what to expect from a reseller. Use this to determine whether to engage their services or not.

  • Consider the Cost or Payment Terms

A white label SEO service provider should offer bespoke services. As such, they should tailor their costs to match the services you want. The reseller should also present you with a variety of payment methods.

Choose the option that’s most convenient for you.

  • Check Their Website

A reseller’s website reveals a lot. Therefore, visit the site and take the time to study some aspects. It will give you an idea of whether the resellers mean what they say or not.

For instance, the reseller should make your customer’s website look great and rank higher. But are they capable of doing this on their website? If not, then the reseller will not be able to meet your needs. Don’t engage them. Instead, look for a reputable reseller to hire.

  • Draft an Agreement

Once you assess the above conditions, you’ll be able to determine whether a reseller is a good fit or not. If they’re right, go ahead and draft your contract.

Ensure the document is specific on the deliverables, invoicing schedules, regulations and policies. It should also be specific on termination requirements and procedures. This helps avoid conflicts in the future.

Hire Your White Label SEO Partner

The SEO reseller trend is becoming popular by the year. Working with a reputable white label SEO service provider helps your company grow. Take the time to evaluate a reseller before deciding whether to engage their services or not.

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