How to Register a Company: Get your Web Design Agency off the Ground

Learning how to register a company will help you with promoting your web design agency. Looking professional is key to doing well in that type of business. Consumers looking for a website to be designed want to feel confident from the start that they are in very good hands. A registered company helps to give you more credibility.

Search for your Business Name Availability

Think of a creative name for your web design agency. It needs to be something that people will remember with ease. It should also be clear about the type of business you offer. You will need to do a search in the database to make sure your desired business name isn’t already taken by someone else. If not, you can proceed. If it is, you will need to continue to work on a name until you find one that is still available.

Identify Type of Business

Part of registering a company involves identifying what type of business it is. This could be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and even a corporation. The form will ask you about the type of business category so you need to have such details worked out before you can complete the registration.

Register Online

It is fast and easy to register online. They also have step by step instructions for how to register a company. This information will guide you through the process. It will take you very little time to complete and you can pay with a debit or credit card for the registration.

Mail in Form

The other option is for you to print a form and complete to mail in. Make sure you mail it in the right address so that there isn’t a delay in processing. You will need to send a check or money order along for processing.


If you aren’t sure what type of business classification to select or you have other questions, get help. Don’t submit you’re the form online or via mail until you are sure everything is completely filled out. Doing so can result in your request to register the business being denied. Then you will have to start all over.

You can get help by submitting an email with your questions. You should get a reply within 38 business hours. Make sure to include as much information about your questions and business as you can so that you get accurate solutions. If the customer support person has to email you back and ask for further details, it delays getting registered.

The best option for obtaining help may be for you to talk to a live person. You may have a short wait depending on the volume of calls waiting ahead of yours. Yet this option allows you to ask questions, to get feedback, and you can keep them on the line with you until you are satisfied you can complete the form on your own and submit it.