Benefits of Scheduling Software for Your Hospitality Business

Wanderlusting has been on the rise for quite a few years now! For the hospitality business, that means unpredictable schedules and very long working hours. However, the industry is witnessing a growing need to effectively manage working schedules of full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees.

The hospitality industry is made up of hotels, restaurants, resorts, amusement parks, among others. Since travelers have been increasing year-on-year, the industry is always in the middle of onboarding and scheduling. Ideally, they want to prevent both understaffing and overstaffing. If employee scheduling is done correctly, the industry can increase its revenue while retaining its top talent.

Fortunately for the industry, advanced technological solutions are already making the news. One of those technologies making headlines is a flexible scheduling software for hotels that benefits both employer and employees! The software is handy for managing timesheets, attendance, payroll, onboarding, and training while solving the issue of under and overstaffing.

Here are the top scheduling software benefits for your hospitality business:

Offers Flexibility

Employees have started looking for flexible work environments. In the hospitality industry, employees work round the clock to provide the best services. The scenario is such that most employees in the sector complain of disruptive work-life balance. Allowing hospitality workers the flexibility to choose shifts can do wonders for the business. It can increase productivity, performance, engagement, and much more. However, flexible scheduling requires the creation of complex schedules and excellent communication – without them, the system can collapse. A scheduling tool can build complex business calendars within minutes while allowing for seamless communication.

Empowers Employees

The hospitality industry is extremely fast-paced, making the extra workload part and parcel of work. A significant chunk of everyone’s time is spent on creating and updating schedules. Managers are constantly bombarded with messages from employees that can’t work, need to cancel, would like a replacement – you name it! It is indeed a very tough situation across the hierarchy. However, software scheduling changes all that. The tool enables the staff to swap shifts when they’re unavailable, request time-off, add additional skills so they can make more money, and do much more. It is truly an empowering platform that allows employees to save time and avoid endless conversations.

Enables Seamless Communication

Due to the prevalence of the internet, the workforce today relies on mobile devices to communicate with each other. Cloud-based technologies such as scheduling software allow employees to text colleagues, send out notifications regarding relevant information, and update availability instantly. In the hospitality industry, having the option to communicate with the entire workforce in one go can be beneficial. Work can be assigned on the go to ensure smooth operations.

Consolidates Training

The hospitality industry requires humongous training so that all employees comply with business policies. Generally, managers and trainers work during day shifts and provide the necessary training during those hours. It is the assistant manager that ensures everyone is up-to-date regarding compliances during his time running the night shift. With the help of flexible scheduling software for hotels, managers can bring in place a rotating roster. This roster will allow managers to train all employees when they are working the day shift. It will prevent managers from repeating sessions, thereby saving the company time as well as money.

Allows Simplicity

Many businesses in the hospitality industry still rely on whiteboards and spreadsheets for managing the workforce. Leveraging scheduling software to provide solutions can be cost-effective. The easy-to-use software simplifies complex tasks and eliminates the use of complicated spreadsheets. The scheduler makes life simple for managers and enables employees to become decision-makers. While offering the benefit of scheduling and seamless communication, the tool can be integrated with payroll tools to make payments more manageable as well.

Solves Conflicts

Almost everyone has high expectations from the hospitality industry. This attitude puts the industry and all its employees under high pressure. Relying on age-old techniques means a lack of data to refer to. With the help of scheduling software, hotels, resorts, and restaurants can identify peak seasons/hours and ensure they aren’t understaffed. Since unhappy customers can lead to negative feedback and thereby, loss of substantial business – changes have to be made. Schedulers give managers the chance to anticipate problems and solve conflicts, quickly and efficiently.


The “behind-the-scenes” scenario of the hospitality industry brings forth the importance of smooth operations. Companies that are part of this growing industry can benefit ten-folds by employing a scheduling software. Not only will the tool make management a lot easier, but it will ensure employee job satisfaction and increasing customer happiness. Now, who wouldn’t want that?