7 Necessities Of Building Successful Landing Pages And Tools That Can Help

The best landing pages close sales or build leads without issue as they are designed with a specific goal in mind. A page that is poorly designed can be bleeding new business daily due to people finding the page hard to navigate or have a tough time finding the information they need. On a contact page for example a detail that a common person might not know is that you shouldn’t put media on this page. This can add to loading times and the contact page is where many businesses build their leads from. The last thing any company wants to do is lose a potential lead due to a video impacting loading time or freezing the page.

The following are necessities of building successful landing pages as well as tools that can help.

Picking The Right Landing Page Builder

The best landing page builder depends on what the user needs and wants out of the builder. For those that are more experience in building these pages an intuitive setup is important. For others the ability to create a large number of pages in a small amount of time like in the case of an ecommerce site might be priority. There are a number of different options that include drag and drop features as well as A/B testing which can be invaluable to the owner of a website. There are some landing page builders that stress sales and building a sales funnel like that of Clickfunnels. This builder specializes into turning visitors to the website into customers and has features that allow users to create subscriber lists or billing pages. Vector animation could be important to another website so looking into all tools possible is imperative.

Pick A Great Headline

A great headline for a page is paramount as it should explain what can be done on the page while catching the interest of a visitor. The right landing page builder will let you do A/B testing so take advantage if you cannot choose between two headlines. The headline could be as simple as “Change Your Life” if a product can help a person live a better quality of life daily. Do not try to overthink this as you are not coming up with a motto for a product but rather a motto for this specific landing page.

Concise Yet Clear Subheadings

The page could be quite long depending on its goal so concise yet clear subheadings are important. The last thing anyone wants is to lose their place when reading a long piece of content or features of a product/service. Being able to navigate this easily is also important as a person questioning a warranty is more likely than not going to purchase an item. A small index at the top of the page can be perfect especially if the landing page is that of a FAQ page.

Clear Navigation

Putting too much on a sales page or a page that is used to build leads or convert is a terrible idea. This can confuse a visitor whether they can purchase an item on that page. Make sales pages as clear as possible as the combination of simplicity and creating a page that is intuitive to use can help maximize conversions per visitor. The homepage should be the landing page with the best navigation as there could be quite a few sections of the site. A search bar should be at the top of the page along with a menu to the side in order for efficient navigation of the site. Those that are less tech savvy might go to a page then simply leave the site if they do not immediately find what they are looking for.

Explanation Of The Page

The explanation of a product or service is important as a website visitor might not have any idea what a company does or provides. The explanation on specific landing pages is the most important part like a page titled “What We Do” as the visitor is trying to find out more information about a company as well as its staff. The explanation should be tied into the headline of a page as they should be closely related.

Address How The Business Or Service Can Help Them With A Pain Point

People seek pleasure and look to eliminate uncomfortable or inconvenient situations/relationships. Addressing a pain point that has led a visitor to a specific landing page can be a huge help in converting. People want the pleasure of being stress free and make sure to note this when selling a solution to a problem they consistently have been having. A landing page with a questionnaire can be an incredible help to a sales team if sales are not available directly on the site.

Contact Information

Contact information being easily available is the most important aspect for certain landing pages. For a dental office, setting appointments is their final goal so giving the phone number at the top and bottom every page should be standard. Allowing return clients to book an appointment online can be a great feature of a page as well. At times people remember to book an appointment after the office has closed so having this available can be extremely convenient.

Clear Call To Action That Entices A Visitor To Buy

The clear call to action whether it is to “Change Your Business Sales Funnel Forever” or “New Website, Endless Possibilities” is important. That final call to action helps summarize a page and empowers the visitor to make a change in their life or business. Testing a few of these is important as data will allow a company to see which converts in higher sales.

Landing pages are going to continue to grow in importance as business is becoming more digitally based by the day. Take the time to use best practices when building your website as it will be of great importance going forward!