Webydo – A WYSIWYG for Web Design Professionals

Designing a website is fun. You play with the graphics, images and content. What isn’t fun though is the coding. It requires a lot of technical skills and you have to continuously troubleshoot problems such as browser inconsistencies, HTML and CSS errors to name only a few. No wonder 70{5e86fe31664958087f0ee4232cad85b76ee6822f7462b2cad470bfb365a345db} of the cost involved in any project goes straight to coding. As a designer you are consistently in a feud with the developers. What if we can take away the issues of coding from your next design project? Well, Webydo is doing just that, and not as a DIY website builder that you might be familiar with like Wix or Weebly, but as a professional design platform.

Let us introduce you to Webydo, the WYSIWYG platform completely created with the web design professional in mind. Using Webydo on your next client project will drastically reduce the turnaround time so that you can focus more on the client expectations and site design.

Getting Started

Webydo provides you with a platform to allow the creative juices to flow freely. This is evident immediately in Webydo’s robust design management system (DMS). You have the option of starting out with a blank canvas, one of three layout options which can act as a design blue print or take inspiration from the ready-made designs for your project. The DMS splits the site into familiar structures of a header, body and footer. Guided by Photoshop like rulers and easy drag and drop features you will be able shape your vision into reality. It is extremely easy to position the elements where you want them and can also resize them at will.  And you don’t need to worry about the about the coding at all as Webydo will automatically convert your design into an updated HTML code + CMS (Content Management System) for your client.

Adding Content

Adding content in Webydo is fun as it offers you the most comprehensive CMS that you would come across in any website creator. This WYSIWYG editor allows you to add, change, delete or update any content element on your website. You will be able to define locked design elements thus securing your design and preserving full artistic control. This way you can allow your clients to update the site without harming the design of the site. There is also a SEO toolbox that allows you to monitor and optimize the position of your website in search engines, ensuring maximum exposure and traffic to your website. The site analytics offers you accurate real-time statistics regarding traffic to your website, page rank tracking and more.

Publishing Options

Publishing a site using Webydo is as easy as 1-2-3. You can press ‘Publish’ once you are done designing and the site will immediately go live on a Webydo sub-domain. Once you are satisfied with the output you can go to the Premium Page to take advantage of Webydo’s advanced hosting and management tools. The advanced cloud hosting infrastructure offers you to add your custom domain, reliable hosting plan and uptime even during the biggest traffic storms.  They have implemented enterprise-level database security measures across the entire hosting network. Apart from this you also enjoy 24/7 customer support and other features such as Automatic Backups and the choice of Content Delivery Networks.

Subscription Options

Webydo offers you a free subscription plan that allows you to host unlimited number of sites on Webydo’s sub-domain with each site containing up to 15 pages and equipped with 1GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Under the Premium subscription plan you pay annually $7.90/month or $9 month-to-month and enjoy unlimited pages, 2GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. This will help you create for an unlimited number of clients.

Final Words

Webydo empowers you as a designer to design a website with ease and creativity while also catering to the niche needs of your clients without worrying about coding. You will be able to work on all kinds of projects including ecommerce websites and cut down substantially on your cost of developing a website and delivery time. And, taking the power into your hands, you have the voice to vote on Webydo’s Participate page and suggest new features to add. Webydo is currently catering to over 25K designers worldwide, try it and experience for yourself how Webydo is transforming the web design industry.