Want to Attain High Social Media Following? This Can Help You

Building a high social media following may happen for some after their own video or social media post goes viral across the internet. However, it is not the case for the majority of people who want an audience of their own. When you want to attain a high social media following, there are a few steps to take while building your online presence and maximizing your online reach with the audience you desire.

Choose a Niche

Today, social media influencers are known by millions of individuals across the globe. Long gone are the days of standard cable television and only actors in Hollywood is known as famous. When you want to stick out and set yourself apart with the use of social media, consider which niche or market is best for you.

Select a niche that is personal to you and your own interests, hobbies, and location. Do you love researching odd science discoveries or the latest makeup trends? Do you enjoy crafting, hunting, or even spending time exploring unique landmarks around your home state? Appealing to a niche audience is not only a way to drastically increase the number of social media followers you have, but it is also useful for garnering a following that is genuine and more like you.

Brand Yourself and Your Online Presence

Branding yourself and the business you represent online is essential if you want to make a lasting positive first impression on new visitors or prospective followers. When you visit a website or social media page of your favorite business, is it immediately recognizable and familiar to you? Are the websites and social media pages of your favorite business or brand utilizing the same color scheme, imagery, and formats?

Use high-quality graphics, logos, photographs, and animations any time you are sharing a new photo or update with your social media following. Avoid using grainy, blurry, or outdated images, even if they are the only copy of your logo or brand name available. Users who visit a page only to see outdated and low-quality imagery are less likely to follow or trust the page and brand, even if it is authentic and legitimate.

Users online are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of advertisements and sponsored posts daily. Ad blindness has now become mainstream, making it even more challenging to stand out and grab the attention of your target audience or the demographics you want to reach. You only have one opportunity to make a first and lasting impression online, which is why branding yourself or the business you represent is so essential.

Launch an Official Website

Launch an official website of your own to appear professional, authentic, and genuine to current and prospective followers. Using an official website is a great way to show your commitment and dedication to the content you provide for your visitors and users. With an official website, build a portfolio, launch a personal blog, or even sell your products and services using an eCommerce platform or service.

Having an official website that matches your real name or the name of your business is also optimal when you want to maximize the number of visitors and page views you receive. Work with SEO, or search engine optimization, to boost your website’s name and URL within top search engines, driving even more traffic and followers to your site and social media pages.

Create a Content Schedule

In a world of smartphones, laptops, and portable tablet devices, content still remains king for digital marketers and influencers alike. What sets you apart from your competition and the type of influencer you want to be? What knowledge or information do you plan to share with those who follow you and your updates? How can you craft content that is unique, original, and personal?

Create a content schedule to ensure your social media pages remain visible and displayed to all of your current followers. While social media platforms often change and reconfigure their algorithms, it is still important to remain active and engaged with your following at all times.

Showcase transparency by communicating honestly, openly, and directly with followers. Encourage content engagement by responding to commenters and those who have a genuine interest in the information or updates you share. Social media is best used as a two-way street.

Use Automated Tools to Streamline Your Efforts

Use automated social media tools such as Hootsuite (or your preferred alternative) to streamline your posts, updates, and the content you want to share. Using an automated social media tool is a great way to keep track of the type of content you publish daily while also monitoring data received with each post. Learn which times are best to publish new content based on the clicks and traffic you receive from each new update. Use automation tools frequently to also prevent going days, weeks, or even months without providing your users with new content.

Launch Marketing Campaigns Using Google AdWords

Create marketing campaigns for yourself or your business using solutions such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. The article “Top Google Display and Banner Ad Sizes” from Digital Logic explains that display ads can include interesting fonts, vivid graphics, and even animations, all of which increase brand awareness and the chance of a sale. Using Google AdWords is a great way to keep track of how your followers interact with varying imagery, color schemes, and headlines. Use A/B testing with Google AdWords to try different buzzwords and keywords that are most relevant to you as an influencer or to your business and brand. Google AdWords allows you the opportunity to launch authentic digital campaigns with any budget.

Although it is not always easy to build a thriving and healthy following using social media, it is possible with persistence and dedication to your goal(s). Whether you are simply looking to make friends, love sharing information, or want to sell your own products, garnering a high social media following takes work. By properly planning your social media presence, committing to adding new content, and remaining authentic at all times, drastically grow your social media following without any trouble.