Quick Tips on Marketing Your Blog

Having a blog is all very well, but it is important to get people reading it, particularly if you want to use it to sell things from. The more visitors you get, the more potential income you will be able to generate from it and you will also be able to get your message across to more people, perhaps if you want to share knowledge with them, for example. In order to get more visitors you will need to consider how to market your blog effectively.

Search Engines

The most obvious option is to work on getting a high position in search engines. This is something which may seem to be old fashioned but is actually the place that most people still go to if they want information online. Most search engines work in a similar way with regards to how they place websites near the top of searches. Google tends to be stricter in its criteria and changes them too. Some companies will pay so that they appear at the top of the search engine in the sponsored posts but this is something that most blog owners would not be able to afford. However, it is easier to work hard on getting higher in the search engines.

To start with make sure that you register your domain with all of the main ones plus extras if you have the time. Then make sure that you have plenty of content relevant to the main theme of your blog. Some people will choose a niche area for their blog and that will make it easier for them to get higher in the search engine. If you have a lot of other blogs to compete with them it will be harder and you may need to consider aiming for a more specific market and working on making your search engine presence known there. The best way then to do well, is to have quality and relevant content and lots of it. You will therefore have to work hard on adding lots of information to the blog.

Social Media

Social media is a more modern way to promote things, but it should certainly not be ignored. There are many different platforms available and you could concentrate on one or use several. This may be determined on whether you feel certain ones are more relevant for your blog as well as by which ones you are more familiar with. Do make sure that you research which will be the best for your blog though, by finding out which forms of social media are best for certain types of blog. You may have to learn something new, but it could make a big difference.

Once you have chosen your social media platforms and set up your account, then use them regularly. Some will allow you to connect directly with your blog and post when you create a new post. Others will not allow you to do this but you can post manually or use a tool to do it for your automatically. Whichever you choose, make sure that you do post regularly and encourage your readers to share with others, partly by asking and partly by providing items that they will want to share, so that you grow your audience.

Build Links

Link building may seem a bit old fashioned but it Is still something which can be used effectively. Search engines still like evidence that you have sites linking to you and some visitors will follow links. You can try swapping links with similar sites, but it could be better to see whether you can guest blog for their site in swap for link to your blog at the bottom. This gives you a chance to show what sort of blog articles to expect from your blog and hopefully get a percentage of that blogs visitors going to you.

Post regularly

It is really important to post regularly on your blog. This could be weekly, daily or more often. It all depends on the length and type of articles that you put on it. Visitors will return to your blog if they know that there is to be some new content coming on it that they could be interested in. Search engines ill also pick up new content and you can promote it on your blog so you will get many different benefits. If you can blog about something new, unique or fun, you will get people wanting to read it and sharing it with others too.

Use Images/videos

Lately people have been using more photos and videos to attract people to their blog posts. With download times being much quicker, they do not interfere with the speed of your website when they are navigating it and it could help to attract them to a post and to keep their attention on it for longer.