Make Your Hosting Stronger with the Power of Add-On

With the help of proper cloud host services related with websites, you can basically deal with virtual servers, which will help them to pull the eminent computing resources from different extensive underlying networking areas. All these are associated with physical web servicing areas.

It mostly followed the utility models, associated with computing areas, which mainly deals with a service, apart from only the product. It can also be defined as mostly comparable with different types of traditional utilities, like gas or electricity. Therefore, you can just now tap to any notable services, and you just have to pay for the one, you are relying on.

Different types of add-on

  • SSL Certificates: The main aim of SSL certificates is to help you secure any form of web form information. This, in turn, can help you to set up a proper online store, and will also help you to boost up your selling services. Some of the significant certificates, which are widely used nowadays, are domain validated certificates, wildcard certificates, Business validates, extended validated certificates, and there are more in the list.
  • Domain registration: If you come across various popular TLD extensions, you can easily keep the hosting and domains, all in one place without getting confused even one percent. This will help you to create an organized working environment and the entire process an easy one.
  • CPanel Licenses: With the help of this add-on, you can easily enjoy the modern version of CPanel and other eminent versions, associated with it. Here, you can enjoy proper controlling features, along with admin panel segments. These packages can also help you to manage detailed aspect of web accounting region, and also can work wonders in full server area.
  • Domain Reseller: If you want more, then domain reseller can be your one stop solution. This can work like magic for your business if it deals with designing services. It will help you to register the domains, associated with your customers and also will give them the golden opportunity to handle and control their panel services.

Other options to be availed

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are other noteworthy add-ons available, which will really boost up your hosting business to an all new level. Some of those are listed below:

  • WHM with complete solution package: This can be defined as an easy way to learn more about billing system of the client that include Support Desk services. Many reliable online companies offer such services, entirely free of cost. You can easily enroll with the online counters to get our own WHMCS.
  • Remote backup services: With the help of this service, you can easily store your backups and other eminent private files, which can be retrieved at any point of time.
  • Merchant account: In case you are looking for a new credit processor, then this can be your one stop solution. Site builder is another notable example of add-ons, which are widely used nowadays.

Additional features available

There are different features available when it comes to add-ons related with web hosting services. You can easily focus more on the site settings and also directory index values, with proper uses of add-ons. Other reliable and deserving features are redirecting to URL, focusing more on error pages and dealing with Htprotect or Htaccess services.

Help from online companies

If you browse through the search bar, you will come in direct contact with various online companies, selling add-ons, entirely free of cost. You need to check their credibility before jumping into any conclusion. You can also ask for the demo services, before indulging into any special services. You can also check the services of web hosting india for different types of hosting related issues.