How to Record and Save WordPress Webinars

Do you enjoy to use WordPress but want to learn more about how to develop and design on the platform? If so then you should definitely check out some of the WordPress webinars that feature experts in web design and development and will give you a lot of helpful information.

The only problem with these webinars however is that they tend to be streamed live. If you’re free and able to catch them – great. If not however, you may very well end up missing out. Rather than let that happen, you could instead record and save any WordPress webinars that you’re interested in by using Movavi Screen Capture.

It doesn’t take much to record and save WordPress webinars with the help of Movavi Screen Capture. Even if it is your first time using any screen capture software to record screen you’ll quickly be able to do so with just a few very straightforward steps:

  1. Set the capture frame to encompass the webinar that you want to record by resizing and positioning it accordingly.
  2. Check that the ‘System Audio’ icon has a green tick, and click it once so that the tick appears if it isn’t already there.
  3. Click ‘REC’ to start recording as the webinar begins.
  4. Click ‘Stop’ when the webinar is over and ‘Save’ to save the video.

Assuming you’re not free to stick around and wait for the webinar to be done you could simply set a timer and the software will automatically stop the recording on your behalf. Additionally, when you save the webinar you can either pick a format or choose from the list of presets that are available if you want to optimize your video for a specific device or platform.

Suffice to say, with Movavi Screen Capture you’ll be able to very conveniently record and save any WordPress webinars that interest you. It not only makes screen capture simple, but also comes with quite a few other helpful features such as the ability to capture any keyboard and mouse actions. If you ever decide to create a video guide or tutorial of your own (possibly for WordPress) – that could come in handy.

If you want you could try out a ‘dry run’ and see how easy it is to record the webinar that you require. That way when you do actually need to record an important WordPress webinar you can quickly get Movavi Screen Capture set up to do so.