Hiring Online? Know These 5 Essential Process To Follow

Finding new employees to work for you is not always an easy thing to do. In fact, it’s actually far from it. Nevertheless, it happens to be the one hurdle that every business will have to eventually face if they intend to thrive and grow. Regardless of how big the company you’re employed in is or whichever industry you work in, there are a few key steps you always need to keep in mind during the entire hiring procedure.

Hiring online can be very tricky but most of the same rules still apply. There are really no secrets to it. It’s basically a set of simple steps that can be followed by anyone that wants to hire the best employee possible.

Take a little time and check out below the 5 essential steps you can follow when hiring workers online.

1. Perform Your Due Diligence

It’s always a good idea to contact the references provided to you by the candidate to confirm the things they said during the interview as well as to counter check their resume. If the references they provided didn’t include any employer information, you can try contacting the organizations in general for further research of the applicant. Google is also another way that can help you acquire some general background information of the candidate in question. This you can do by looking at their online activities such as their Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

2. Make A Plan

If you intend on going through the whole process without a plan then don’t expect to make it very far. There are a number things you’ll need to consider before starting this procedure, some of which include the type of worker you’re looking for as well as the type of job or position you need to be filled. This information will also help guide you on what tests should be conducted. Typing tests are good for those looking to fill clerical and administrative positions and the like. It’s also good if you’re looking to hire transcribers and virtual assistants. Jot down a list of the responsibilities and skills required for the job.

3. Screening

Screening is the part, during the hiring process, where you get a bit of a feel of your potential new employees. While it does take a considerable amount of time to conduct video and phone calls as well as in-person or video interviews, try setting aside a little time to narrow down the list of candidates you have and come up with the top four applicants. A short, fifteen-minute informal discussion often times may end up giving you some quick insights, some of which may not have been apparent on the online profile or resume provided to you, especially when cultural fits are concerned. There are numerous screening techniques available to you nowadays. A data entry test is a good way to find out the typing speed of the applicant. It’s ideal for when you want to fill administrative positions.

4. Interviewing

Make your hiring decisions easier by designing interview questions in a way that’ll allow you to get the best data and information from all the candidates involved in the process. When you’re done with your interview, be it in-person or video, ensure you’ve got a solid understanding of the particular candidate in question and what makes him/her different from all the others based on the interview questions you provided.

Take some time to carefully consider what you need to be asking in the job the interview in order for you to find the ideal employee. Interview questions will usually vary based on the role or job put forward. It’s always best to ask questions that will help you best understand what motivates the candidate beyond compensation. These types of questions will give you a true feel of who you might end up potentially working with.

5. Make A Job Offer

The written job offer you present should outline, at the very least, financial and other compensation packages, work hours, any probationary period, detailed job description and title, nature of employment, who the candidate in question will report to, start date, and if it’s a fixed term contract, end date and the process for terminating or amending employment. Signed offer letters are what most usually use for the hiring of low-level employees. Also, you should always keep a close eye on the government labor rules even when using the online platform to hire workforce.

Many people have their own way of both hiring and firing, however, there some essential steps that often remain the same for everyone. What may work well for some may not necessarily do the same for another, that’s why it’s very important you be self-aware and know exactly what you’re looking for in the employee your looking to hire. Online hiring doesn’t have to as scary as what many people normally make it out to seem. Hopefully, this article has shown you why.