Effective Ways to Find New Ideas for Your Blog

Are you stuck with no ideas coming in your head? Are you thinking about the next topic of your blog and cannot come up with ideas? Never mind! You can easily generate ideas for your next blog. Just go through the following guidelines and you will understand:

Ask Audience

This is a very effective method of generating ideas for your blog. You can create ideas from your comments section itself. You will understand what topics will be liked by your target audience and what they will not like at all. From the feedback of your existing posts, you will easily generate ideas for your future posts.

Keep a File of Ideas

The resume experts will suggest keeping a file of your own ideas. It can be a document or a spreadsheet which includes the list of all your blog ideas. You can place the file in an easily accessible place like Dropbox. Whenever you brainstorm some ideas, make sure you are recording it in that particular file.

Take Reference from Others

You can obtain ideas from other’s blogs. You can use feed readers for subscribing in your favorite blogs from where you can get ideas. Stealing ideas are no sin if you can add value on your own. You can definitely take inspiration from other’s posts and create on your own.

Blog Comments

Yes, this can be considered as a very old method of generating the ideas. You can participate in the blog commenting activities in the popular blogs. You can directly provide responses in the common threads of the blogs. From this session, you can prove yourself to be an expert in the particular subject matter and can also generate ideas for your readers.

Use Your Blockbuster Content

Just go through your blog analytics and find out the content which became very popular. These can be your blockbuster content. So, as the content has worked well, you can expand them by refreshing the content and create new ideas. You can modify the old post and can include a link at the end stating that you have updated the existing content.

Link Analysis

Yes, you can do some link analysis. You can go through other blogs in your industry and can find out which of them are very popular. You can then ask yourself that can you come up with some ideas similar to them.

Tell Story from Other Posts

Some of the best posts of all times have been created by telling the story of other posts. These posts can be about a lesson learnt from the other posts or a criticism of the same. This will help the readers to observe your analytical skills and therefore they will consider the post as a great idea of telling stories.

Borrow Brain

Are you tired of generating ideas? Then you can borrow a brain. You should identify some famous personalities in your industry and schedule an interview with them. You should come up with some interesting questions in front of them and will be wondered to see different ideas popping up for your content. You can then publish the video with your content to attract more and more readers.

Write a Guide

A guide can always be helpful for the readers. You can provide guidance to your readers and your ideas will definitely be appreciated.

So, just start with an ideas file , refer from other blogs, expand upon all your existing ideas, research through internet , take help of your audience and finally don’t be afraid to use the publish button. You may be skeptical about your own post but your audience may like your topic. So never forget to publish.