Back To Marketing Basics: Local Media

In a world of huge international brands dominating the online media and most of the markets, it’s definitely hard to keep up with ad campaigns worth hundreds of millions of dollars. If a local disaster happens somewhere, you’ll probably find most media outlets talking about it, until another disaster, whether it’s smaller or bigger, happens in a more important city. This is because reporting international events gradually decreases once the first impact of the news subsides; the online or international market defines the extent of coverage and its duration.

A local media is different in that aspect, they provide coverage on a more personalized level, since they’re covering their hometown. The main advantage of local media is that there’s no important event is left uncovered from A to Z. We’ll be reviewing some of the basics of local media marketing, coverage and their benefits.

Networking with Your Local Scene

A local company will have to find a way to gain an advantage over international competition, that way should be networking with local businesses. If you become involved in the local scene, you are bound to attract those who are interested in your services since you become related to the services they use. Targeted marketing is the best way to make sure you are heard, simple fliers posted on local areas with high traffic can easily get you known in no time.

Local Television Advertising

Many may believe that TV advertising is now gone and replaced by internet marketing, that may be true to a certain extent, but local TV still has an impact on a few demographics. It always boils down to a few simple points; your target audience, how old are they, where are they located, and their main news source; your message or ad and its duration; your budget, and how much you’re ready to pay to reach a certain plateau. Local television advertising may be expensive compared to many other media, but that’s because creating them takes time, money for the equipment used, and talent to be considered good. Wesley Dodd from Celebro explains that a quality green screen is a must have if you will be doing consistent broadcasting, and this applies to most of the equipment used when it comes to television advertising.

Local Newspapers

Small to medium businesses can really benefit from local newspapers; it can easily help them raise awareness, spread their message, and increase their sales.

The benefits of local newspapers are:

  • Cheaper than most types of media.
  • Flexible schedules, flexible placings for ads depending on the budget
  • Easy to experiment with ad features like font, size, and location to see which is the best for the desired outcome.
  • You will be able to reach a demography that isn’t connected to the internet.

Many believe that using local newspapers is an old-school method of reaching your audience, but it still has its glamour to this day.

Jumping to internet and social media marketing has become the trend of marketing today, but without knowing the basics you may be missing a lot of important knowledge crucial to establishing your brand. You need to research your local market and know which medium can penetrate through the wanted demographics. Simply throwing money on ads and content and wishing for the best won’t work without using the right medium.