Astonishing Websites – 8 Tools That’ll Make them Happen in 2015

With websites playing a pivotal role in streamlining the reputation of various brands, it becomes essential for you to pay attention to every minute detail of building a site that needs to cater to a dedicated audience. As a web designer, you can’t take chances for designing the layout of your website. Your inability to match the company’s message with its logo can easily dilute the brand image of your client. Fortunately, we have an easy access to multiple web design tools that can be put to use for building websites that look rich and function as per expectations.

In this post, I’ve covered details about eight such easy-to-use web designing tools that’ll smoothen up your journey of building remarkable websites this year.

Web Design Tool No.1 – Jotform

If you’re intending to develop a website that needs to include multiple forms, then Jotform is a must-try tool for you. This simple-to-use tool allows you to create custom forms via an incredibly amazing CSS helper, cutting down the time and efforts that are otherwise involved with building the forms via CSS manually. So, whether you want to create submission forms, contact forms, survey forms or any other; Jotform is a tool that’ll keep you away from a lot of headache.

Web Design Tool No.2 – Mailchimp

Nowadays, email marketing has become one of the best techniques for reaching out to a wider group of targeted customers. Thanks to the existence of Mailchimp, it has now become possible for you to(both an advanced/novice web designer/developer) to create fully customized emails along with custom sign-up forms, all in a convenient way. Some of the remarkable features available with Mailchimp include advanced reporting options, flexible design options, subscriber profiles and many more.

Web Design Tool No.3 – Slides

With Slides, you can conveniently create presentations via a fully-functional graphic editor. Gone are the days of spending tireless days and nights on creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. As a web designer, you can gain an easy access to multiple editing options that allow you to come up with presentations which are fully customizable and absolutely intuitive. With more than 200,000 registered members on board, Slides is a great option for creating presentations that need to be viewed on smartphones, smart tablets and other touch-enabled devices.

Web Design Tool No.4 – Geckoboard

Serving as one of the finest communication tools for marketers, Geckoboard connects users to a variety of data sources in addition to displaying the metrics on a stunning dashboard. But that’s not it. As a web designer, you can freely opt for re-designing the dashboard in accordance to your client’s liking via tweaking the CSS.

Web Design Tool No.5 – Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC is a robust web design tool that allows to create high speed websites. The in-built real-time image asset generation feature allows you to design for different varieties of screens. Whether it’s about slicing the CSS or exporting image assets, Photoshop CC makes everything feasible for you. You can easily opt for the 3D editing and image analysis tool that allow you to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Web Design Tool No.6 – Sublime Text

A perfect text editor forms one of the vital necessities for every web designer/developer. Serving as a sophisticated text editor for markup, code and prose; Sublime Text comes with some extraordinary features and a slick user interface. Some interesting features available with Sublime Text include: Command Palette, Distraction free mode, Split editing, Multiple selections and many more.

Web Design Tool No.7 – Vim

As a highly configurable text editor, Vim has been built for enabling high-end text editing. Also called a “programmer’s editor”, Vim has been extremely useful for programmers who need to edit their configuration files in a fool-proof format.

Web Design Tool No.8 – ImageOptim

As a handy tool for web designers, ImageOptim allows you to publish image over the web in a hassle-free way. It also enables you to ensure that the images consume a lesser disk space, thereby ensuring faster loading speed for your website. With ImageOptim, you can handle a variety of images with file formats such as .jpeg, .png and GIF animations.


With such cool and trendy web design tools available at your disposal, I’m sure it would become quite comfortable for you to come up with fully-functional and visually impressing websites for your varied clients.