3 Fast Ways to Create Professional Websites

Thanks to the rapid development of Internet technologies, modern PC users are able to perform tasks that used to require tons of knowledge and expertise just a couple of years ago. For example, in the 2000s, it was unheard of for someone to build a website unless they knew at least one programming language and had some experience in the field. Nowadays, users can choose from flexible, free and impressive website builders that give them the opportunity to create the website of their dreams without writing a single line of code. In fact, there are so many website builders to choose from that most users may find the task of finding a website builder more challenging than building their web page.

Modern website builders allow users to create dynamic pages, implement various payment and content management systems, take advantage of automatic SEO and page optimization, and even use professionally crafted pre-made templates to make sure that their website will appear to users.


Makea.website is the right place to go if you are a beginner. However, advanced users will also find its features useful, because this website builder’s authors have implemented a large number of useful and convenient tools that allow users to fully customize every aspect of their website. The first thing that leaves a good impression about Makea.website is the great template library it has in store for every new user! With a free registration, users get access to a long list of modular-based website templates that can be merged, customized and edited, so that they’ll fully fit the requirements of the author.

The drag & drop builder interface makes it exceptionally easy for anyone to make a website that won’t lack neither beauty nor functionality. Users can include online stores, blogging systems and other handful features to their website so that they’ll be able to spice up its functionality and fulfill the needs of their future users. Makea.website also offers paid subscription plans that provide users with access to extra features, exclusive themes and other valuable tools that can further enhance their website building experience.


WordPress is a bit more difficult to master, but it is currently the most flexible, reliable and safe content management system. The free WordPress hosting that WordPress.com provides comes with some limitations, but it can still be used by beginners to create a working website whose functionality can be enhanced via plug-ins. Naturally, WordPress.com users can also use any of the free templates offered there, as well as use a free *.wordpress.com domain.

Self-hosted WordPress, on the other hand, may cost you several dollars, but it doesn’t involve any limits regarding customization and functionality. Self-hosted WordPress websites can utilize 3rd-party plugins and themes, and users can manually edit the website’s source code if they have the know-how to do it. All changes to the website can be made via the administration panel that features a handy graphical interface with tons of settings that can be fine-tuned!


Froont is an innovative website builder whose main advantages are the responsive templates, automatic search engine optimization, version control and rich toolkit that allows users to quickly modify templates, effects, and other graphic elements. The builder is free to use, so anyone can register an account and give it a try.

The website editing tools are easy-to-use, and they can be used to fully modify any aspect of the website and the graphic elements shown there – colors, shapes, effects, etc. There are many pre-made elements and effects that users can implement in their products, so you can rest assured that even complete beginners will be able to easily create a good-looking and feature-rich final product.